融合の奏でる 進化 でなく 深化

Harmonics –noun (plural)
1. the science of musical sounds.
2. the partials or overtones of a fundamental tone.
3. the flageoletlike tones of a string instrument, such as a guitar string, made to vibrate so as to bring out an overtone.

 Unbreakable Anglers’ heart

This rod’s release is coming later than originally planned, but through uncompromising diligence and testing we’re ready to release the Tulala Harmonix. This 100% made in Japan rod is a complete departure from previous models and is constructed from the latest high modulus carbon. As is with all Tulala models the rod is robust, yet light weight –strong, yet sensitive. When loaded its perfectly balanced bent curve makes it feel as if it’s an extension of the angler’s hand. It could be called a high end Tulala model.

The power and low elasticity of old materials combined with the high function and sensitivity of new materials. Bringing together these opposing elements was made possible in the development of the Harmonix. In a musical performance the primary tone would be the older material while the overtone would be the newer material in synchronized performance. The rod has a sharp and stiff feel when casting and retrieving, but from the moment a fish is hooked blank’s bend automatically becomes viscous and flexible. It seems as though it would be impossible for both performance traits to be smoothly melded into one rod.

What TULALA can do.

It took three years of development, through which we researched and refined our design in constant pursuit of the lightest possible rod. We went deep on our quest for every angler’s dream model. In the end it is as if we’ve received a gift from the bottom of the ocean.

The blank loads like a coiled spring, but it also possesses the just the right amount of stiffness and rigidity to provided good performance in use. It’s a true JDM rod, but it’s utility is not limited to Japanese waters. Because it’s from Tulala, a rod suitable for worldwide fishing journeys was conceived and made into a reality.


こUntil now Tulala models have fallen outside the space of what is considered standard in Japan, but we wanted to build a model for use in watersheds within the country that is 100% made in Japan. More than being on spec for out of the ordinary travel fishing environs, we sought to develop a rod that was fun to use –one that had application for every type of lure angling –sea bass, rockfish, trout and salmon and largemouth bass. Through consultation with many experts we create a completely new concept that we believe is the starting point for a new standard in lure rods.