Morena is the name of a brown complected Amazonian woman. Deep in the Amazon there are many exotic looking women of mixed ethnicity, some of whom appear to be Asian in origin. It seems as if many share genetics with Japanese. It is said that Morena smell of cinnamon and that the men of the region become confoundedly weak at the mere mention of them. Go to a distant village and you may occasionally encounter one of these beautiful goddesses of the Amazon diving headfirst into the river. Next to them river dolphins jump and fish splash. Parrots make pairs and fly away. The clear brown blank of Tulala’s flagship series is the perfect embodiment of this Goddess of the Amazon. Softness beats stiffness. A monster fish rod with which you can instantly grasp this notion has finally arrived.

Fishing the Amazon or other exotic freshwater domains does not mean using only large baits. In fact 1oz. class bass lures are most frequently used. Additionally, to focus on accuracy and efficiency, bait casting tackle for bass is used. This is one reason why so many bassers develop an affinity towards tropical freshwater exotics.

In Japan there are a lot of bait casting bass rods. However, a suitable length for me didn’t exist. I went through all my old bass rods making modifications, but never came up with a perfect stick. Furthermore, I was never confident I could battle a large fish on a medium action rod. These rods were originally designed for bass, so there were no blanks with the strength I desired. With my simplistically modified bass rods I could handle smaller peacocks, but battling giant specimens was out of the question. This is why I had to start from scratch.

The short rod I’m introducing is a deviation from what is common sense design to Japanese lure anglers. This rod, along with the Adventura and Pimenta is a great value to anglers who are looking outside Japan for popular targets like snakehead and barramundi in countries like Taiwan or Malaysia from the start.

It’s an indescribably great feeling to offer a world class super short rod, and it’s thanks to all of you, who purchased the Adventura and Pimenta. In order to turn conventional wisdom about rods on it’s head, I continue to take on the challenge of fishing in the amazon and I take great pleasure in preaching the benefits of short rods.

Many have the image that medium class rods are for smaller fish, but the Morena is different. Tulala blanks have more than enough torque and robustness for big peacock bass. Furthermore the rods have a surprisingly light weight and balance that allows anglers to fish with intense action throughout the day without getting tired or strained. Of the three models it’s the most suitable for use with jerkbaits and topwater plugs designed for bass.

Please experience this light ideal rod design, based on my many years of experience. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the way you can work jerk baits and topwaters with this rod.

The standard lure rods sold in the Amazon are 5’3” medium action. From this it’s understandable that this is the best length. I personally tested the rods extensively and from repeated casts came to recognize that with the low elasticity blank balance this was the shortest I could make them.

When it comes to targeting big peacock bass, I especially like positioning the boat for ‘close range’ casting, which is common practice among American anglers as well as anglers from many other countries. It seems inconceivable, but even being close, most record class humpbacked peacocks don’t run off.

More than hooking a giant fish, it’s the fight that comes after that’s difficult. I can’t count how many big fish I’ve lost when making long casts to fish. Big fish hold tight against structure, so it’s advantageous to have as little distance between the angler and the target in order to yank them away once hooked. I myself have caught many record sized fish this way.

More than distance, the rods I design are specialized for casting accuracy and sensitivity for proper lure action. The Morena 53 is a lightweight medium class hi-power rod forged from long experience deep in the jungle. Anglers can use it with total confidence.

You might find it surprising but you can use this rod for big peacocks using big swisher baits. Because of the elasticity and sensitivity between the tip and belly of the rod it’s possible to get better sound and prop action from swishers than is impossible with stiffer rods. Not only is it important to have proper initial sound, but it’s also of utmost importance that the sound is consistently repeated.

Because the standard length of bass rods in Japan is around seven feet, it’s only possible to work surface lures from the side with a long sweeping action, which puts extra burden on the angler’s wrists and elbows. However, with this rod surface baits can be worked with the tip pointed down in front, whereby the angler can easily and effectively master working big lures with short twitches.

Among the most avid and experienced anglers deep in the Amazon, short soft action rods are used. The Morena 53 has a good reputation amongst the best of them.

There hasn’t been much chatter about it in the local topwater scene, but personally, the Morena is the rod I most want to recommend for top water lure scene in Japan. Even anglers who strictly use retro style bass tackle and only throw old one ounce lures will find this rod’s settings and balance to fit perfectly with the dimensions and feel of the gear they are used to, and find they can make their lures come alive.

Cosmetically it also has a mildly retro look and feel.

Drawing from the basic design of the Adventura and Pimenta, we planned a rod with an even better center of balance. The blank is made with a thick sheet of low elasticity carbon. Just by picking up the rod and giving it a swing, one immediately recognizes the difference between it and a rod made with thin carbon, leaving no doubt of it’s strength.

Even with the elasticity of the rod it’s possible to overwhelm monster sized fish, and when necessary use the full torque of the blank, in which case it performs like a regular taper rod. Under high loads the blank curves smoothly from just above the reel seat, but users can rest assured it does not let up on the fish. If the blank didn’t bend as it does, the short rod wouldn’t be suitable for fighting large fish.

In order to get the most performance out of the blank the stripper guide is set as close as possible to the reel seat, making it possible to handle the world’s wildest fish with ease. The notion that a rod for big tropical exotics is supposed to be stiff and long is becoming obsolete.

Morena53 -SPEC-

line weight
Braid 6/Mono 20lb
42,984yen (Tax included)