This is a regular slow taper extra heavy action rod designed to work with Abu 5-6000 size reels. There is no load restriction based on specific lure or bait. You can cast lures up to 350g over 30 meters. It’s best matched with big jointed baits around the size of the Jointed Claw Magnum. Although designed to work best with 100lb PE or 30~50lb nylon or fluro line there are no restrictions as long as you can cast.

The rod’s lifting load maxes out at around 5 kilograms, but the reel may not be able to handle that kind of drag so anglers be wary. If thinking about the strain on the reel shafts, 4kg for the Conquest and 6kg for the Abu Revo L would be the ideal max for each reel. Recently there are stories of Wels catfish being targeted using super short rods in Europe. However, this rod is designed to be used from shore, so please be careful while being guided by boat, especially if a hooked monster fish dives straight under the boat.

Common concept of El Horizonte series

The detachable grip makes packing in containers for travel possible. Moreover, it’s also possible to pack it in a thin pvc pipe. You can pack the grip in the PVC or even in your rucksack. If you think of how luggage is handled on ferries, buses, and any other transport overseas, it’s clear that use of a PVC holder is necessary.

The rod color represents the color of the both the brown earth and the blue sky. Its rubber end cap protects the blank from damage caused when anglers move about. The rest of the handle is covered in brown EVA. Unnecessary cosmetics were omitted from the design in order to keep the rod as light possible

With this rod it’s possible to catch small fish, which are then hooked and used as bait, making it a true bait casting rod. It’s a return to basics of fishing in the sense that for many simply catching the target fish trumps how it’s caught. We believe there’s no other rod like this in existence. It’s almost a like the appearance of the Japanese long sword made to take on the world.

As a model developed for hunting Wels catfish, the El Horizonte 83 can be considered the most powerful fresh water fish rod. It is a true world class monster hunting rod for throwing big baits with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Its unique feature is its ability to load and cast baits that no one can call small to target and fight unbelievably giant fish. With its power and great taper it has had no trouble holding on to giant death rolling catfish at Lake Biwa. Of course its use is not limited to catfish in Japan. Anglers can target giant cats abroad with confidence, as this Tulala rod was designed with expeditions in mind.

This rod has certainly has it’s applications abroad for one of Japan’s fishing culture exports –okkapari, or lure casting from shore. First of all, at 8’3” the rod’s length is the longest in its class enabling anglers to make long casts in high pressure areas. Secondly, the blank’s super strong butt enables anglers to perform great hook sets even when fish strike far from the shore. These elements –distance and power, make it an invaluable weapon in watersheds around the world.

El Horizonte83 -SPEC-

line weight(MAX)
Braid 10/Mono 30lb
Wells catfish, other big catfish
42,984yen (Tax included)