Heavier action than Seatrout rod, slightly lighter than Seabass rod

The Glissando 77 is for anglers plugging in the tropics with no specific target in mind, but just the desire to get something on. For folks who find themselves in that kind of environment, and above all else, wish to catch all manner of fish, whether they be small or not, this is the rod was made for you. I allows you to cast small lures as far as possible. Compared to the GS72 we reduced the tip power to a light trout rod spec while retaining the full power in the butt section. It’s got the lightness and casting performance of a bay area sea bass rod, but a little more power to put users at ease when harder fighting fish. A soft action blank that’s tough to break is necessary. The use of heavy materials in a well balanced rod was achieved by the rods developer Kojima. With a rod under 8 feet it’s likely the angler will move it about both vertically and horizontally when working plugs, so it’s necessary for it to be balanced such that the user doesn’t get fatigued.

The best weight balance

With almost all current lure rods use the weight of the reel as a counter balance to the blank, but with Tulala rods the balance point is always centered on the position of the reel itself. Kojima who’s had extensive experience in the tropics had this notion at the forefront of his plans when developing this rod. It’s constructed with out any weights. The length of it’s naturally curving cork fore grip and rear grip provide all the power and balance needed in a rod light enough that anglers can fish over 20 hours and not have their arms get tired. Both Kentaro Ogawa and Teru Bombada were shocked at how light and natural the first production model felt when they first handled it. The rod weight is so light you can basically ignore it, and as anglers who fish in the most severe conditions know, it’s the ability to keep casting for long hours that matters most. This rod makes it possible.

Why the new balance needed?

The reason we shifted to this new balance was because we saw the need for a rod that could be used when wading. The queenfish icon on the blank symbolizes the kind of quarry and unique challenges of targeting migrating fish on wide shallow flats where distance matters so much. In this situation where the angler is submerged up to his hips the rod becomes an extension of the person using it. If the rod tip is heavy, the angler will get fatigued from repeated casting. In Japan it’s the same in fisheries like the tidal flats of Lake Biwa, or backwater bass and trout fishing. To fit these circumstances many rods have evolved into reducing strength in order to reduce weight thus making them top heavy. However through our use of older and more resilient materials we’ve managed to produce a rod with remarkable balance and castability that won’t tire out your arms. The materials we use are nothing remarkable but their use fully addresses the problem and allows anglers to cast all day with out getting tired. Among individual anglers there are many different needs and this rod wont be a big hit with everyone, but we are proud as this is a first of its kind rod that has never been available until now.

Appearance of the ighter Glissando

The Glissando 77 was first completed at roughly the same time as another rod produced by Teru Bombada. During a break he handled the rod and was blown away by its lightness and handling. He remarked that it was sure to be a hit with anglers due to the sense of quality with which it was built and the reel seat position right at the center balance point. Kojima has made a rod balanced like none other before. Due to the lack of a rear balancer the blank curvature is a little different, but it feels very natural. After two years of testing it’s finally ready for sale.

This is the softest action rod in the GS series designed for small migratory fish in the 4-6kg range. It was developed with species like queenfish in mind, and after extensive testing we are extremely happy with the result. When loaded the rod creates a very easy to handle curve about which users will have no complaints. To cover the major targets of Japan; bass, sea bass, trout, etc, we set out to make an all purpose spinning rod that we could recommend as number one.

In music, a glissando is a glide from one pitch to another. Think of the way pianists and guitarists gracefully move their hands across the keys or strings and back, creating a dynamic range of sounds.

A rod for wading crazed anglers

When it comes to developing rods for wading, Tulala doesn’t emphasize only lightness and sensitivity. The weight of the tackle is different depending on what fish is being targeted, be it bass, sea bass or trout. No matter the target, anglers will nonetheless find themselves standing and casting for the same length of time, and anyone may become fatigued. For this reason we aim for perfect balance more than any other factor in the design of our rods. In this way anglers can get maximum performance with little physical effort –just a flick of the wrist, when casting. The Glissando 77 is a balanced ‘heavy’ light rod. It is also our most specialized short rod for wading.

You’re on vacation with your family or lover at an island resort, but you can fish there too…… What do you do?

Avid anglers will find opportunities to do some light plugging while on a trip to the tropics, whether it’s with family or on a company trip. The thought of making it to one of these tropical destinations and finding oneself standing on a private beach with an expanse of pristine blue water without a rod is unfathomable. Moreover, the time that can be spent in these places is so limited.

On tropical islands or resorts you won’t find so many ports with deep bays. And although you can in theory spend all day moving about between far away points, the best bites at these locations will usually happen only at dawn and dusk.

The one element to be thankful for is the relatively high water temperature. Coupled with the abundance of beach and rocky shore and there are numerous opportunities for wading for migrating coastal species and pelagics. This is the main concept point this rod was developed around. It’s the excitement of hooking into something late in the afternoon, and not knowing what it is until you get it close to shore.

Although designed for plugging from beaches or coral reefs, users will find it fits in any target environ whether wading for bass at Lake Biwa, sea bass in Tokyo Bay, or mountain streams in search of trout.

It’s not always easy to know what lure is going to get bit. There are those times when the fish you are after will strike at something small like a tiny metal jig or topwater retrieved speedily across the waters surface. One may hesitate to throw such tiny lures, knowing that a large specimen could come up and wreck his gear at any moment, never mind the difficulties in casting something so tiny. Time is also limited, so it’s usually not feasible to bring several outfits. In a way that’s an appealing aspect of this mode of fishing, and it’s also why we developed this rod –to keep anglers covered no matter the shoreline situation they find themselves in.

Glissando77 -SPEC-

line weight
Braid 2/ Mono 16lb
casting weight
fish up to 10kg
42,984yen (Tax included)