Amazon jerking stick for lures up to 3oz

【Pimenta:Chili peppers, black peppers in Portugese】

The word Pimenta is unfamiliar to Japanese. The word is the Portuguese word for red pepper. In Japan there is an expression like ‘peppercorns are small, but they pack a punch’, but the saying ‘They’re small, but they pack enough punch to get the job done’ is also another way to put it. This model is named after the latter.

For decades we have shared a deep historical connection with the Japanese who immigrated to Brazil. Many immigrated to work in agriculture, crossing the ocean with their hopes and dreams, and spending many months at sea to reach this new world where they would work to develop desolate areas of jungle. It was no easy life amongst the huge trees with no sewerage or electricity. There were outbreaks of malaria, and many lost their lives. I’ve heard these accounts told on the very grounds where entire villages were wiped out.

However, the large swaths of land developed and cultivated by Japanese are now some of the most valuable, and the peppers grown there are the most successful crop in the harsh climate of the region. There are many literary works and novels based on these events.

The Japanese immigrants didn’t waver in the severe environment, and through cooperation and research turned their isolated farmlands into a thriving success. Today, the agricultural development and contributions from the Japanese immigrants are still highly respected by Brazilians. That level of pride, perseverance, honesty, and frontier spirit are things that I, as a Japanese also respect deeply. This is one reason why I love Brazil so much.

The word pimenta is an almost cute household expression that you can’t help but hear even when not eating. I reckoned this laid back expression would fit the concept of this rod perfectly.

(from Bomba Da Agua)

【Inherited from Aventura59】

This model based on the Adventura 59, but is one power class lower. It’s an extremely light 5.5 foot rod for monster fish

like none before that can work 1/2 to 3oz. plugs with ease. There are many advantages of a shorter rod length in terms of blank strength, handling under load, and the range of possible cast weights. While its guide setting is similar, the Pimenta’s light weight and strength surpass that of bass rods, and can stand up to Amazon fish.

The thick medium elasticity carbon used for the Pimenta 55 has a mild action that provides broad versatility in casting accuracy and makes for good action on lures. The small diameter blanks have an unimaginably high level of torque. Casting 1/2 to 3oz. lures can be done with ease. With the help of tropical fishing expert Bombada Teru we have developed a rod with the best possible balance

The logo motif is a pirrahna piraya, about which the famous Ken Kaiko once said ‘this fish has a fiercer face than even Al Capone’. This specimen was expertly caught by the famous artist Ogaken.

I designed the guide settings for the Tulala Pimenta55, Adventura59, and Morena 53. The rods were developed for my life’s work as “fishing gypsy”. I’m constantly moving about as a backpacker, utilizing every form of transportation; airplanes, boats, buses, canoes, and hitching rides. For the purpose of maintaining mobility the compact design of these rods is invaluable.

I made my original rod case for about 10 bucks from PVC pipe. It’s a cheap and compact way that makes sense to carry rods. I mainly use 5cm diameter pipe. Because they have a detachable grip, by placing the rods in opposite directions I can fit five rods. With a UV50 pipe I can fit 7. I decide which to bring based on what I know about the watershed I’ll be fishing. On both ends of the pipe I stuff soft items like t-shirts or shorts to guard the rod tips. The straps are secured with rubber bands. The system is a little crude, but very sturdy, and up to now I’ve experience no damage to any part of my rods. The whole point is to keep my luggage to a minimum.

There are many merits to my way of storing my rods, and it’s really hard to find any demerits. The reason I designed the rods with detachable grips is that it would be impossible to travel lightly without them.

This model is one power class lighter than the Adventura 59. It feels like it’s a bass rod, but is a much more versatile. It’s thick medium elasticity carbon construction provides unbelievably high performance. The guide settings were designed based on a large volume of my feedback and experience with a wide range of top waters and jerk baits. Its collapsed size is 132 cm.

The handle is 41cm. The top to the fifth guide are all titanium as is with the Adventura 59. If you look closely you can see the T mark on the individual pieces.

This rod works with small plugs to big pencils, and is good for small fish to big peacocks. The Adventura59 matches well with large reels like the Revo Power Crank in addition to smaller bait reels. Either way with such a short rod it’s best to use high speed reels.

For large peacock bass this is probably the best match. But even in situations where using large offshore wooden stickbaits is best, the Adventura meets the challenge. I keep both rods on standby when fishing from a canoe.

(from Bomba Da Agua)

Pimenta55 -SPEC

line weight
Braid8/ Mono 25lb
casting weight
42,984yen (Tax included)