It would probably be better to name the rod the Adventurer, as it’s a perfect rod for adventure fishing in any part of the world. It’s a stick that fits the adventurer’s mindset perfectly, as it embodies how we put our lives on the line in the type of fishing we do.

ILarge makers can’t mimic this “irregular” special design. Firstly, for the kind of fishing adventures I do, a removable grip section is a must. At 5.9ft it’s short yet has an exquisitely long double handgrip. Because of these features it is possible to do full casts even with heavy lures, and dig in to battle massive fish that seem certain to beat anglers.

IAround the world the Devil Jerk fishing style (jerking the lure vigorously) is being widely utilized in most tropical fishing situations. Among many Japanese anglers this technique is often misunderstood, and it would be better understood to call it Devil Twitch Wind (twitching vigorously while retrieving).
Only experienced people will understand the utility and effectiveness of this technique.

IWhen fishing deep in the wilderness for six to eight hour days, what is the physical impact of constantly using this technique? What kind of rod would allow the angler to continue casting and retirieving this way so long without straining his hands and arms.

IA rod that not is short and stiff, but strong is hard to find, as is a rod that can effectively work 2-3oz. lures –one that can work big minnows in a sliding jerk pattern. One that can make a big minnow lure slide like it’s alive yet, also work normal size lures –all in one balanced package.

ITake the rod in your hand and you’ll be surprised at its light weight. This is not due to the blank being made flimsily. It’s actually made thick, but the point of balance comes right under the reel so that it doesn’t strain the hand when jerking the lure. You will instantly understand when picking it up the first time.

II was able to get the silhouette of my favorite Amazonian superstar fish, the peacock bass, imprinted on it.

(from Bomba Da Agua)

These are lure rods for working big plugs with finesse to entice violent strikes from massive fish –for those times when a monster explodes on your lure and launches it a meter off the water, when your drag is on full, but still giving way and you have to apply extra pressure with your thumb. For violent headshaking fish so big they rattle you to the core. There is no other fishing that provides this level of excitement, and no other rod that can present a wide variety of lures and handle the fight as well as the Aventura 59.

This is the basic action for tropical jungle fishing targets, starting, but not ending with peacock bass. 1-4oz. lures are to be worked violently and this is something that is only achieved with a short rod.

From casting and working the lures to landing a fish, an angler spends the entire day repeating the same process, perhaps several thousand times. In order to maintain this process and still have enough strength to fight when you finally hook into a monster, a light weight yet tenacious rod is necessary.

Under direction by Mr. Teru from “Bomba Da Agua”, the Aventura 59 was designed with the following concepts, which are alien to the norm of most popular rods:
Retrieve big lures with good action on a light weight short length rod.
A removable grip and short pack length for travel and storage underway.
A medium elasticity carbon blank with unbelievably high strength for battling monster fish.”

These are the standard rod specs for a world class monster hunter anglers.

Additionally all Tulala items are thoroughly designed and tested for the best balance and the least amount of stress on the angler. All are designed with the needs of tropical monster hunter anglers in mind, but anglers will find them useful for a variety of targets.

(from Bomba Da Agua)

Aventura59 -SPEC-

line weight
Braid 100lb/ Mono 30lb
target fields
The world
42,984yen (Tax included)