Record sundial: world record

The Monstro series came to being on the heels of the latest world record fish caught in Lake Biwa. It can be said the lake has monster bass from another dimension. Numerous 70cm plus lunker inhabit the watershed. The largest of these specimens can easily be thought of as fish of the same class as tropical exotics like peacocks and Papuan snapper.

The rod has the grunt and stiffness for firm hook sets in the bony mouths of these mammoth bass, and the sensitivity and flexibility to control them once hooked. The Monstro was developed to be fished in this world class lake to catch world record class fish. It is a complete departure from any other bass rod in existence.

Record class bass know there you are

For extra long casts the Monstro is perfect. It was developed by Mr. Gyoshuu Kure based on the much loved Monstro 78 in a one power class higher rod with longer length and small guides.

Of course it gives you casting distance along with Tulala’s signature power for casting large baits, but users will be alarmed at how well it casts comparatively small lures as low as a 1/2 ounce. With this rod it’s no problem to toss the much talked about Alabama rigs and heavy Carolina rigs with long leaders.

Although it’s specialty is long casts, its greater purpose is to catch those Lake Biwa monster sized fish. Because of this focus we don’t have to convince you that its combination of power and tenacity are unparalleled. The taper is inspired by the El Horizonte 78 so crank and spinner baits are perfect fits as well.

The basic of mostruo series

This rod began with the developer Mr. Gyoshuu Kure using the El Horizonte 78 which was customized to for this purpose. It’s equipped with smaller diameter guides and a beefier butt in a shorter more specialized package for capturing world record size Lake Biwa fish. He says this is a rod you can use to battle big fish without wearing yourself out. It’s stiff for fishing through weeds with sensitivity to entice bites from monsters using chatter baits and scones, or anything else from texas rigs to big baits. Even though it exudes brute strength it has all the sensitivity needed to bring lures to life.

The Monstro 75 is stiff but bends well, sharp but sensitive. These conflicting traits are put together in one robust and versatile monster bass rod.

The fusion of strength and elasticity at high division

Time and again it’s put the breaks on numerous trophy fish. If too tenacious it wont have enough power to hook. Too

much power and it wont be tenacious enough.

These conflicting attributes of these high dimensions are the essence of the Monstro 71.

The designer Mr. Peter wanted something to retrieve a scone rig ultra slow, while having the ability to cut through weeds, then be able to hook into and not yield to monster sized fish.

Another point of importance to us was that using a rod for monster fish can be exhausting, so we did all we could to relieve some of that stress so you could cast all day. With the Monstro 71 you get a clear sense of what material is on the bottom or how thick the vegetation is. The tip and belly are stiff enough that just by reeling in the line slack you can already start the hooking process. All of this while retaining the distinctive tenacity of all Tulala blanks. The Monstro 71 is the most extreme high power rod for deliberate hook setting and taking of fish.