This is a regular slow taper extra heavy action rod designed to work with Abu 5-6000 size reels. There is no load restriction based on specific lure or bait. You can cast heavy lures in a carefree way. It’s best matched with big jointed baits around the size of the Jointed Claw Magnum. Although designed to work best with heavy nylon or fluorocarbon and PE in the 60 to 80 pound range there are no restrictions as long as you can cast.

Any carbon rod can break if the tip is bent straight down, even under light load. When lifting the rod to put angle on a fish try to keep the line angle between the fish and reel wider than 90 degrees. By doing this you wont break a rod unless you are using particularly strong line. Please keep in mind when using any rod including this one.

Common concept for El Horizonte series

The detachable grip makes packing in containers for travel possible. Moreover, it’s also possible to pack it in a thin pvc pipe. You can pack the grip in the PVC or even in your rucksack. If you think of how luggage is handled on ferries, buses, and any other transport overseas, it’s clear that use of a PVC holder is necessary.

Horizonte means the horizon in Spanish. The rod color represents the color of the both the brown earth and the blue sky. Its rubber end cap protects the blank from damage caused when an angler moves about on rough terrain. The rest of the handle is covered in brown EVA. Unnecessary cosmetics were omitted from the design in order to keep the rod as light possible

【The heaviest rod of the series】

The El Horizonte75 is an all round casting rod for big targets in every urban watershed from canals to rivers. It was conceived as a rod for hunting big pike in the canals of UK and other European fishing scenes.

For Pike fishing in urban areas, long casts are not a necessity so much as the ability for anglers to load the rod enough to keep the fishes head up when landing. The 7’5” length is perfect to keep the lure swimming in an appealing way to a fish that will chase the bait all the way to the angler’s feet.

It’s not always true that rods intended for targeting large fish need to be stiff and strong to the point where they don’t bend. The El Horizonte 75 has all the strength needed to land big fish, but is matched to the strength and balance of Japanese anglers.

Simple and easy to handle power was what we pursued with this rod, using previous generation blanks but with new tech parts, and the newest knowhow on how best to balance them.


The El Horizonte has one more side to it in that it also makes a great monster bass rod. This was apparent from the very beginnings of its testing.

Lake Biwa has recently become renown as a watershed of monster large mouth bass since the world record fish was caught there. It’s easy to think of them as monster fish.

To battle fish of this size a typical bass rod won’t do. Whether it’s a deliberate sweeping hookset or a sudden and violent hookset, the El Horizonte 75 provides ridiculous torque to puncture the hard mouths of monster bass while subduing them easily.

Designed without even thinking of how to make the blanks lighter, the power and torque of this blank is pure rage. The long grip makes control and maneuvering hooked fish easy and is a necessity as the rod is designed for fighting fish with violent amounts of torque.

During testing about twenty 10lb. plus lunkers were captured with this rod. Each fish was brought up within ten seconds of being hooked which really illustrated the full power of the El Horizonte 75.

This rod can be thought of as the realization of the developer Mr. Go Yukinobu’s tenacity and purpose

El Horizonte75 -SPEC-

7.5 ft
line weight(MAX)
Braid 10/ Mono 40lb
42,984yen (Tax included)