The baritono is the singer with the lowest most powerful voice in a chorus. As such one could think of average sea bass rods as tenors and offshore rods as bassos, in which case we conceived of this rod as the baritone, or as the in between of those two.

【Big-baiting rod for Akame and Seabass】

The average barramundi rods are way too heavy and take a lot of practice to get used to. In this sense they are not the kind you want to take with you on expedition as their lumbering performance could cause you to loose fish. Additionally, there were no seabass rods with which you could cast a big lure smoothly. The Baritono 93 was developed with both these issues in mind and is made with older generation materials. It has a classic curvature that casts and loads comfortably while giving confidence during a fight, and is made with the latest components in a light package.

This rod was developed with no special materials. For nothing other than powerful casts, only a powerful rod is needed. If cast feel is all that matters, a convention sea bass rod is better. However, for a rod that has you covered way out in the field on expedition when fishing for long hours in search of monster fish there’s hardly any to choose from. To increase the probability of landing a monster fish in the fisheries of Japan the Baritono 93 is best choice.

Looking at japan as a whole, this rod was produced by Tulala with the simple purpose of enabling monster fish anglers to catch as many large fish as possible.

Because of its length the Baritono 93’s center of balance does comes more toward the tip compared with short rods. This couldn’t be changed even if we added rear balancers.

Because of these reasons we made the taper thicker closer to the reel seat by making it into a one and half pc rod. By doing this we have created a rod with lots of butt power and a thick grip section –thus it can be used for long periods without much stress.

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【To enjoy the extra ordinary moments in limited time at its best】

“Using this, am I going to be able to fight when I encounter a big fish?” That can be said to be the single most important question an angler has to ask about an expedition rod. There are numerous heavy rods out there, many of which can handle big fish, but there is the need to be able to keep casting for hours on end, and sometimes you want to hook even small fish if there’s nothing else present.

Sometimes it would seem that packing light tackle is better, but then there’s the chance of running into a huge specimen. If you think of it in terms of the rate of hook ups, it’s certainly true that we encounter more small fish. However in the case of extremely huge fish, no matter how strong the tackle, the chances of landing are very low if the angler isn’t used to his tackle, or battling something really powerful. In reality there are no rods that can land such fish with 100% certainty.

To make this expedition grade sea bass rod we thought how do we turn a normal sea bass rod into an exceptionally strong one, with broader appeal than a specialized rod like those made specifically for GT or Barramundi. Something where we aren’t over reaching but using utilizing the power properly. This is one way to be certain to get a fish on expedition.

Of course these trips aren’t the norm so having a bit of an overreaching rod to handle fish that you cant land with day to day rods is good too. This Baritono 93s concept is simple “have no regrets while fishing during the rare expedition”. For those with really strong rods in their arsenal take this as a secondary one. For those who only have seabass rods use this as the main rod during your trips.

【Best setting for using PE 3 line】

For many who wish to continue casting all day the best reel size is a Shimano 4000-5000. Additionally, when wading there are many unexpected disruptions like lures getting stuck or other trouble. To match with this rod and to ensure that you don’t get broken off unexpectedly we suggest using PE3. This line thickness will allow you to easily cast many different sized lures, such as big baits or 7cm minnows without sacrificing cast distance.

【Bat power to lift up 7Kg】

The current spec 4000 to 5000 size spinning reels can sustain a drag of up to 7kg. At least that’s what the catalogues claim although through our tests we have never been able to see those numbers. Nevertheless, we designed the butt section to be able to lift 7kg as that is what most anglers have in their minds. We use older materials, which is par for the course with our rods, so as the makers we can’t brag, but we certainly feel satisfied with their performance.