Versatile spinning rod Kentaro Ogawa produced

One day when I was studying an offshore rod I loved to use that was built in the 80s I found that the design was so simple. It was an era of mono. Though supple the rods had an unexpected high power –enough to fight even billfish. That basic concept is something we wanted to capture in a light game inshore rod –the Glissando 72.

The reason of the middle length

It just so happens that we got a request from a client in Singapore for a 7ft mid classed rod, that led to this rod’s development. It’s a simple design. Until you catch a big fish you wont think anything is special about it. We carefully selected where to position the center of balance to come right at the joint for the best possible balance, and chose a rubber front grip. The rod was built from old materials using new parts and design specs, as are all Tulala rods.

It’s a funny story but in the field we discovered its length is just right to fit the rod inside most stores you may bring it inside. Even if you lay it down indoors it’s not likely to get in the way. We took to thoroughly investigating how the rod fit into various spaces, at pay to play ponds, under bridges, at river mouths. In every environment it could be used in comfort.

Bat power

Provided the line strength and reel are sufficient, it’s no trouble to land lunker sea bass with this rod. It does not have the unusually strong 9kg lifting power of the Glissando 73.

Softness of the rod tip

The Glissando 73 was a glass blank, but this rod is full carbon from the butt section on up. Because of this there is an increase in sensitivity it’s possible to pick up the subtlest bites as if using 4lb. Fluorocarbon.

In music, a glissando is a glide from one pitch to another. Think of the way pianists and guitarists gracefully move their hands across the keys or strings and back, creating a dynamic range of sounds.

Extension of your arms once you hold it

This is a rod that’s great for ‘close quarters battle’ fishing in tight spaces under bridges or other overhanging structure. Its compact length and power allows users to reach below the tip to grab hold of fish when wading or fishing from canoes and kayaks.

It’s got all the necessary performance specs needed in an expedition rod in a package light enough to tote by hand. Although its length is not as compact as a two piece rod, it’s got plenty more power to handle big fish. This rod’s shorter length means its casting distance is limited compared to longer models, but users will find they can get their plugs to the fish at both large and small bodies of water.

Think of this rod as an extension of the person using it –a perfect regular taper rod with a backbone that flexes like muscle and allows the user to continuously bear down on fish. The Glissando 72 is an obedient and simple taper design using older carbon materials in a light and powerful package.

Simplicity is the core element of its design. Light lures can be cast and presented accurately via its sensitive tip, heavy one’s by the grunt of it’s powerful bat section. Any angler, regardless of fishing style or experience will find it easy to use. In terms of its overall performance, it’s kind of like a bass rod built from a sea bass rod that’s been reduced in length. It certainly has more power than current bass spinning rods, but more versatility than sea bass rods.

As part of the Tulala line up, the rod is designed for the travelling angler, allowing total versatility in everything from reel, line and lure selection to targeting both small to medium sized fish. While it’s not the most specialized rod on the market, anglers will find it to be a go to rod for most all there fishing needs.

Glissando72 -SPEC-

Regular (semi-fast)
line weight
Braid 2/Mono 16lb
casting weight
recommended reel
1500~4000 (2500standard)
fish up to 10kg
42,984yen (Tax included)