This is a regular taper fast heavy action is rod designed to work with Abu 5000 size reels. There is no load restriction based on specific lure or bait. You can smoothly cast lures up to 200g. It’s best matched with jointed baits around the size of the Jointed Claw 178, but can cast lures as light as 14g. Although designed to work best with 40~100lb PE or 30~50lb nylon or fluro line there are no restrictions as long as you can cast. Please adjust the line strength to the fish you are targeting. The rod’s lifting load maxes out at around 3 kilograms. Any carbon rod can break if the tip is bent straight down, even under light load. When lifting the rod to put angle on a fish try to keep the line angle between the fish and reel wider than 90 degrees. By doing this you wont break a rod unless you are using particularly strong line. Please keep in mind when using any rod including this one.

Core concept of El Horizonte series

The detachable grip makes packing in containers for travel possible. Moreover, it’s also possible to pack it in a thin pvc pipe. You can pack the grip in the PVC or even in your rucksack. If you think of how luggage is handled on ferries, buses, and any other transport overseas, it’s clear that use of a PVC holder is necessary. The rod color represents the color of the both the brown earth and the blue sky. It’s rubber end cap protects the blank from damage caused when anglers move about. The rest is of the handle is covered in brown EVA. Unnecessary cosmetics were omitted from the design in order to keep the rod as light possible.

This is a model for hunting big hucho taimen of Mongolia with big baits. It’s a rod developed for the boom of big bait fishing, which covers a wide range of tropical exotic fishing applications. The El Horizonte knows no limits in application.

It is designed under Tulala’s fishing journey mantra, not just for the large Taimen of Mongolia and monster browns. The only limits are that of the users skill.

The El Horizonte 78 changes the commonly held notion that big fish must be fought on stiff hard to use rods. With an Abu 5000 as a base size reel there is no particular limitation to speak of. 200 gram lures can be cast smoothly with heavy action.

For fishing in fast water rivers the rod has all the necessary butt power for fighting and pulling away large fish that strike and run for boulders and other submerged structure once hooked. Inversely, anglers able to produce actions such as twitches with big bait lures for targeting trout and salmon. Once the fish is hooked, the rod can provide the essential control over the fish’s rolling and thrashing action.

It’s as if the development of strong yet flexible blanks has gone against conventional wisdom and common knowledge ignoring what’s considered sensitivity. This is a design innovation common to all Tulala rods. The popularity of this model has remained high since the inception of the brand.

Every one of Tulala rods are designed with travel in mind paying homage to the slogan Ford Every Stream. It’s a concept you can feel when you use this rod in particular.

With the expansion of low cost air carriers, far off expedition fisheries are now a lot closer. Having a detachable grip takes a lot of stress away for anglers who move about frequently. In this way the rods we develop can be thought of as a new standard of monster fishing or adventure rods. More than just portability in mind, we at Tulala design our rods for maximum performance and enjoyment of the user for the limited time he has in the field. Anglers have to choose tackle and other luggage carefully in order to travel lightly, and need a rod they can trust to get the job done.

he rods are constructed on high strength yet sensitive and durable blanks with the latest components in a muted and simple design. It’s all for the one trophy fish you are after.

El Horizonte78 -SPEC-

line weight(MAX)
Braid 8/Mono 25lb
casting weight
Taimen, Japanese huchen
42,984yen (Tax included)