This rod can be called a 9 foot Glissando. However, it’s a bit more powerful than the Glissando 72 and is made for casting long distances from shore. With it’s smooth taper and super strong butt power, it casts farther than the Baritono 93. In order to achieve this performance we paid particular attention to the thickness of the butt section and the diameter of the guides. After revisiting the balances between these we were able to create a rod that keeps absolute control of the lure in currents as well with its sensitive tip, and at the same time retaining enough power to battle monster sea perch and taimen.

This is a rod for angler who wants to face the challenges of the extreme wilderness with the same level of power performance as the glissando 72.
Not only is having sufficient power necessary for dealing with crafty fish fighting you around structure, but also for fishing along open expanses of rugged shore. Thus, we field tested this rod extensively in Hokkaido. From numerous encounters with large salmon and sea run taimen we determined the best length for the rod. For sea bass and salmon you can use the standard size Shimano 4000 or Daiwa 3000 with this rod. Please experience the superb balance of this model. Of course this rod was developed with Tulala’s philosophy that fishing is a journey. It’s a strong ally both in and outside Japan, at whatever expedition point you may visit.


The Glissando 90 is a salmon rod that has the same genes as the currently discontinued Glissando 73. However, it’s not just the same rod in a lengthened version for distance. It has a lot more versatility, as the name Glissando (a sliding scale in musical tone and pitch) implies. The appeal of this rod can be fully experienced in Hokkaido’s exceptional fishery, casting long distances for salmon and char in the surf. This rod can only be appreciated by users who are very particular yet extreme in what they want.

Strength and softness. Balance and sensitivity needed for long distance fight

This rod has plenty of power for targeting meter class sea bass and taimen, but experienced anglers will attest that power alone is not the only thing necessary to catch these fish. Particularly the need to cast and retrieve 7-9cm lures with finesse when standard size lures won’t do the job is essential. Being able to cast such light lures with pinpoint accuracy is also a major headache. At 9 feet this is the longest rod in the Glissando series. With a belly section that is a bit muted having the power to stop big fish is not all it’s about. Coupled with its smooth power delivery and it’s remarkably soft tip which gives it the ability to move small lures in even the slowest moving water. Throughout it’s testing many salmon, trout, char and seabass were caught as the rods balance was perfected. It’ll be the powerful weapon for slaying the monster lurking in the waters you’ve never fished before.

Glissando90 -SPEC-

Regular fast
line weight
Braid 3/Mono 20lb
casting weight
48,384yen (Tax included)